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Devon Wedding Hair

I created this website to showcase the beautiful work of Devon Wedding Hair. The design is modern, with a bold, easy to navigate layout and graphic lines.

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Simplicity always works in an effective website page and this user-friendly design is extremely easy to navigate. With lots of space on the main page to highlight your posts and engage your audience, this design creates an eye-catching blog.

Bold and minimalistic, with a strong focus on imagery, this design is like an online art gallery, where every image is the centrepiece.

The site's grey tones and white background help keep the focus on the artwork and is an excellent example of how you can highlight your product with a clean and simple website design.

This elegant design uses hand drawn elements to give the site a playful character and allow users to easily navigate around the page. The soft tones create a feminine look working in conjunction with the images and subject.

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Hello I'm Eve

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