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I'm Eve

I live in a tall, skinny townhouse with a great view from the top, where my office is! I look out over the rolling hills of Devon, where I live with my husband Jason and our son Ted.


As a trained artist with a degree in textiles, I've always had an eye for design. Now with website design, this creative eye helps me to build beautifully styled sites, with great layouts and extra design elements.


I started building websites in 2013. At first, this was just for myself, friends and family, but now I work with a variety of clients from artists, hairdressers and architects.


Although my logo is an owl, I'm actually an early bird. I'm always up before 6am and occasionally earlier. I love the quiet and stillness of the morning and it's a great time to get lots of work done while everybody else is sleeping.

Hello I'm Eve

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